new frames of mind

This work challenges the possibilities of painting, « at the boundaries of hypervisibility » (Baudrillard).

By seeking the signs of the times while targeting the universal, this work question the visible which is unceasingly driven forward by new technology and the medium that is painting itself, reavealing its own immanence.

The « Support/Surfaces » art movement stripper painting down to its pictorial elements to make the elements themselves the subject of the painting, thus freeing the dream-like mental projections of the viewer. In this work, this notions are reconciled through the integration of these conceptual advances whilst rendering the strength of the representation both sensitive and expressive.

Starting from printed fabrics, these becoming the significant components, adding the pure creativity of the eye, mind and hand and finally by integrating these spontaneous random forms, industrial art, representation and luck are brought together to thus create an entirely hybrid painting.

This conceptual framework is the link between all these works, although the choice of subject and the timeframe changes from painting to painting. The subjet of the painting come from various intimate moments of history and from diverse sources such as photographs, medical and satellite images; mobile phone, images from the press, video games and advertisements. The paintings’ medium size facilitates a more intellectual connection with the viewer, deeper and more introspective.

This work is a reflection on painting as un medium, offering novel approach to this surface and its components: Canvas, surface and medium, mastered medium or random medium. The subject represented are of a mastered medium or random medium. The subjects represented are of a singular writing, in both strength and finesse, brilliance and fusion. These spontaneous shapes form a new pictorial language in their abstraction.


Muriel Bortoluzzi, artiste peintre